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eG backend database is continuously growing

How do I troubleshoot if the eG backend database is growing continuously?

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eG Database may grow continuously when eG is implemented, before it stabilizes at a certain size. Size of the database is determined by various things like number of servers monitored, retention policies etc.

However, if you notice continuous growth beyond the size recommendations provided by eG engineer, we suggest you to check the following.

  • Check the eG database and Transaction log size using the eG DB utility and identify the tables which are consuming much space.
  • Make sure that clean-up is working properly by analyzing the clean-up logs and using the eG manager model if applicable
  • Clean up for the Trend tables may have failed with the capacity planning data due to capacity planning enabled for some tests in the past and disabled later. Cleanup will not run for the disabled tests by default, and to resolve this, enable cleanup for disabled tests. (Edit in egurkha\manager\config\eg_services.ini and change the flag CanForceCapacityCleanup=false to true)

Also, during every cleanup cycle, data from 10 days of data is removed at a maximum. If you have lot of backlog in the cleanup, and need to cleanup more than 10 days worth of data during every cleanup cycle, you can update the flag “MaxDaysToCleanOnce” parameter in egurkha\manager\config\eg_db.ini, as needed. 

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