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eG agent auto-startup

Please help me finding out if auto-startup feature of eG agent is enabled on AIX? And also, if auto-start up is disable, how to enable it? Do I need to re-run setup agent again?

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On any Unix system,

"/opt/egurkha/bin/auto_restart install"  will install the auto restart feature.

"/opt/egurkha/bin/auto_restart uninstall"  will uninstall it. 

This command has to be run by the ROOT user only. 

On AIX, if auto-restart is enabled,

"/etc/rc.egurkha" file will exist
"/etc/inittab" file will have the following line: egurkha:2: once:/etc/rc.egurkha

Note: /etc/inittab will be readable only by the root user. Auto-restart of the agents has to be enabled/disabled by the root-user only.

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