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Agent stopped running

I don’t know why agent stopped running on my Windows server, I checked the service it is not running. Why does this happen and what do I do?

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This could happen under the following circumstances

  • If the manager is unreachable, when the agent was started last.
  • If the manager is down, when the agent was started last. In both the cases the agent would go for an incremental sleep. Restarting the agent would resolve this.
  • To help identify the reasons behind the agent not running, do the following:
    • Examine to see if the <EG_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>\agent\data directory has some files with test names on that box.
    • Examine the log files located in <EG_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>\agent\logs Some common errors we come across in such situations in the error logs are like:
    • "EgManager could not be contacted" : Indicates that the agent is having issues connecting and talking to the manager via the network.
    • "Applications in this host is currently not being managed" : Indicates that either there is nothing being managed in the manager with the current IP/nick, or the nick name on the agent side has been configured wrongly
  • Try restarting the eG Agent and if it doesn't work, take a copy of the error_log file from the above mentioned directory and send it to eG Helpdesk for more assistance. 

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