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eG Agent does not communicate with the eG Manager

The eG agent is not able to communicate with the eG manager. What could be the reason and how do I resolve it?


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Launch a web browser on the eG agent server, access the eG Manager's web console, and if the web page loads, use the same parameters you used in the web browser's(like hostname/ip:port). 

If the web page does not load, try identify the cause - 

   - check the connectivity to the eG manager server using ping/telnet commands. 

   - talk to the network administrator, and make sure that firewall policies are not blocking communication

   - Check the eG Agent error_log file for basic clue , it is located under the folder egurkha\agent\logs.

If you still not able to figure it. Send the log files to the eG Helpdesk for more assistance. 

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