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Remote Agent Controller (RAC) based discovery

If reverse proxy is configured in a server farm, the eG manager will not be able to discover the IP address of the servers in the farm. Will RAC work in such a case?

What are ports that need to be opened in order to make the remote installer work in a general environment?

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Yes, RAC can work in the above case. Being a tool that needs to be executed only from a domain administrator’s account, RAC, once started, is automatically allowed access to the domain controller, from which it collects the NETBios names of all the servers in that domain. NETBios names allow applications on different computers to communicate with each other within the LAN environment. RAC needs the NETBios names to execute the remote commands. Generally, hostnames and NETBios names are equal in the target environment.

To execute the remote commands in the target boxes, the File and Print sharing service will have to be enabled. This will enable NETBios over TCP/IP protocol.

Ensure that the following TCP and UDP ports are open in the firewall: 135, 137, 138, 139 and 445. 

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