ITexis – AppsMon for windows is an automated performance testing tool for Web and non-web based windows applications. This tool emulates a user request to an application by recording the sequence of transactions that constitute a typical user access, in a script file. When this script is executed, the recorded sequence of transactions is replayed, and the availability and response time of the application are measured.

  • Pre-requisites for Installing the AppsMon, Click here
  • Introduction to the Appsmon, Click here
  • Please find attached document to see the step by step instructions on how to install AppsMon

Steps to Enable Document Imaging, Scanning and OCR

  • Go to Programs and Features > Right-click on Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, click Change
  • Select Add or Remove Features and click Continue.
  • Expand Office Tools > Microsoft Office Document Imaging > make sure Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and Scanning, OCR and Indexing Service Filter are enabled.

Points to Remember Post Installation

  1. Request ITexis License:
  2. Deploy License File
  3. Activate Recorder and Player
  4. VB Path

Requesting ITexis License:

  • Click on the system tray and right-click the ITexis icon and click ‘Show Console’.
  • On the Itexis console, click the ‘License’ tab on the left and click ‘Send license request’.
  • Send the .itx file located in “C:\AM_license” to ITexis support.

Deploying the ITexis License

  • Right-click the Itexis icon from the system tray and click ‘Show Console’.
  • On the Console, click the ‘License’ tab on the left and click ‘Import New License’.
  • Double-click the license file received from itexis Support.
  • You should now see ‘License Ok’ message.

Activating Recorder and Player

  • Click the Features tab and click Get Recorder and Get Player.
  • If the ITexis license supports Recorder and Player, you should see the status as ‘Active’ for Recorder and Player.

Providing VB Path:

  • On the system tray, right-click on Itexis icon and click ‘Show Recorder’.
  • On the Recorder console, click ‘Start’, you might be asked to provide the path for VB, in which case, select the vbexpress from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\ vbexpress.

AppsMon Script Recording

Points to Remember Before Recording Scripts

  • AppsMon Client emulation is supported on Windows platforms only.
  • Xservice is the name of AppsMon service.
  • An eG external agent is required for monitoring emulated clients.
  • eG external agents assigned to handle emulation tests cannot execute other eG tests.
  • Since the AppsMon emulates real user transactions by opening client applications and emulating user clicks on the client application, AppsMon requires complete control of the system on which it executes. Therefore, the AppsMon for Windows should be installed on a dedicated system.
  • Important to ensure that the environment on which was recorded the scenario is the same as that on which it will run. Environment means the following:
    • Operating system
    • The language of the operating system
    • Screen resolution
    • Color depth
  • To ensure a smooth and effective integration, always use the latest version available on
                User name: Customer
                Password: pwd4u

  •  For the integration to work, the eG license should have the Client Emulation capability enabled.