Are you upgrading your Citrix infrastructure running on Windows 2019 to VDA version 7 2103 or later? Then this article may be applicable to you.

Recently, some of our users complained about Citrix user session metrics missing after upgrading the Citrix infrastructure to VDA version 7 2103  or later. Upon analyzing, we found that the changes made by the upgrade to the system's environment variables cause some conflicts with the eG agents deployed on these systems. 

To resolve this issue, 

1. You can reinstall the eG software after the VDAs are upgraded. This will ensure that the eG agents automatically discover(re-discover) the changes in the system.

2. Alternatively, we could manually edit the configuration files, to force the eG agents to detect the changes made on the system. Our helpdesk team can assist you with the changes as needed.

To avoid any impact on your monitoring system, it is recommended to reach out to the helpdesk team and start discussing the options before you schedule the VDA upgrade.

eG Helpdesk