eG agent collects the user’s logon duration and other logon metrics breakup from the Citrix Director SDKs.

For a new XenApp/VDI session, logon metrics include the following activities 

  • Credential authentication 

  • Session creation processing 

  • Session creation server-side activities

  • Endpoint resources mapping

A sample screenshot of user logon details


When a user reconnects to an existing session, some of the processes mentioned above may not happen as part of the login. For example, user reconnects include only the Session creation server-side activities & Endpoint resources mapping. Hence, you may notice some metrics missing for reconnected sessions.

This screenshot shows logon details for a user connecting to a new session


This screenshot shows logon details for a user re-connecting to an existing session 

Note: The logon duration is not the exact sum of the processes mentioned. For example, some processing occurs in parallel, some occur sequentially, hence the total may not match the breakdown.