eG Agents use the hostname or IP address of the eG manager for communication. Hence, when the IP address/hostname of the manager has changed, or the eG agent needs to be pointed to a different eG manager, agent configuration needs to be updated.

Follow the steps below to update the configurations

  • Login to the eG agent server where you want to change the configuration.
  • Stop the eG agent by running Stop_agent.bat
  • Open the command prompt as Administrator and navigate to egurkha\lib folder
  • Run changeAgentSettings.bat file, say “Y” to proceed with changes and hit enter.

Now you must input the information that you want to change. If any input is same as the old information, then re-enter the same information.

  • Provide the IP/host name of the eG manager you want to change and hit enter.
  • Provide the port number in which eG manager communicates with agent based on your infrastructure and hit enter.
  • Enter “Y” if the eG manager is SSL enabled or “N” if the eG Manager is non-SSL.
  • Enter “N” to use trusted certificate only.
  • Enter “N” if you do not have proxy server to communicate with eG manager or “Y” if you have proxy server in between, follow the on-screen information and provide the Proxy server information.
  • Confirm the choice provided with “Y” and hit enter.

  • Once you confirm the changes, Run debugoff.bat file in the same location.
  • The debugoff.bat file update the changes to agent configuration and close the command prompt.
  • Now start eG agent in the windows menu as Administrator