Latest version of jars from SAP WAS server are compatible with JDK 1.8 only. Since 631 agent JRE version is at 1.7, we are seeing this error. 

To fix this issue : 

  1. Download jre 1.8 

  2. Stop the agent 

  3. Copy contents of the JRE 1.8 installation directory and replace into eGurkha\JRE folder in agent 

  4. start the agent 


>> JMX changes are done but the instance cannot be restarted now as its in production 


The SAP WAS instance might contain multiple servers in which case, specifying a common jmxremote.port value will prevent the SAP WAS instance from coming up during the next restart! Kindly check and revert the changes. Instead PFA basic PPT with alternate way to enable JVM (& BTM) monitoring for the java server processes within the SAP WAS instance. As discussed, for JVM/BTM monitoring, each server will have to be additionally monitored as individual java application components and not commonly via the SAP Web Application component. The latter component will be for common, SAP WAS specific JMX tests only.  


For SapControl based tests (which use the WSDL ports and OS user credentials), we are seeing the following type of exceptions : Possible a permissions issue. These OS user prerequisites are as follows : 


  1. For authentication, OS user and password encoded as UTF8 

    1. For authentication in windows, user must be specified in the format <domain>\<user> or <user>@<domain>. If domain is not specified, sapstartsrv will try with any trusted domain 

  2. Either 

    1. User name is mentioned in profile parameter service/admin_users in DEFAULT.PFL file OR 

    2. Group of user is mentioned in profile parameter service/admin_groups in DEFAULT.PFL file OR 

    3. Sapstartsrv file : execute permission (windows) or write permission (unix)  

The OS user should be able to execute the sapcontrol executable in the exe directory within the SAP WAS instance (e.g., C:\usr\sap\EPA\J00\exe)