Network traps test (available under Network Node component) can be used to interpret the trap on the eG console and the detailed information can be shown under DD. 

Machine generated alternative text:


  1. To enable receiving traps for the eG agent, on Windows Explorer navigate through C:\eGurkha\agent\snmptrapd and execute runTrapd.bat (/opt/egurkha/agent/snmptrapd). This will create a service eGTrapReceiver which need to be started. 

  2. A log file snmptrapd.log will be created under C:\eGurkha\agent\snmptrapd\log which will contain information about the received traps. 

  3. The eG agent will transmit the details collected in the log to the eG manager on the configured test. 

  4. Configure Network Trap test available under Network Node component with the test configuration as below: 

    Machine generated alternative text: for 19-4 (Network Node) 00 O tNAC •192.tsg.s.1u•


Example 2: 


Machine generated alternative text: red S n mptrap (Netmrk Node) •w 192.32.5• 00 DIAGNOSts


On the Layer view: 


Machine generated alternative text:


Detailed Diagnosis: 


Machine generated alternative text:


To get the Trap details to show meaningful information, modify eg_external.ini under C:\eGurkha\manager\config. Please look for a Section [MISC] under where there is a flag named ExpandMib=false, which must be changed to true.