SNMPWalk executable is available on the egurkha\bin directory of the eG agents.

To make sure we have right SNMP community string or version or credentials, please use the below command. Make sure you can get the output for the below, then only you can get the metrics from the SNMP-based test. To run the following command open a command prompt as administrator and go to egurkha\bin folder. 

1. If the SNMP version is V1      


o Example: snmpwalk -O nfq public .


o String: snmpwalk -O nfq <Ip Address of the device> <Community string> <Object ID>


2. If the SNMP version is V2


o Example: snmpwalk -O nfq -v 2c Public .


o String: snmpwalk -O nfq -v 2c <IP address of the device> <Community string> <Object ID>


3. If the SNMP version is V3

o Example: snmpwalk -v 3 -u kevin -l authNoPriv -A Kevin@123 -a MD5 .

o String: snmpwalk -v 3 -u <UserName> -l authNoPriv -A <Password> -a MD5 <IP address of the device> <Object ID>

If you need any definition for the SNMPwalk command then run the command snmpwalk help