Control Actions (aka remote control) is a useful feature used by IT administrators, and service desk personnel to perform activities such as 

  1. Listing active processes
  2. Listing the service accounts used
  3. Stopping a service
  4. Rebooting a system, etc.

Despite being a valuable tool, it's not advisable to give such privileges to someone who is inexperienced. Instead of completely blocking access to Control Actions to beginners, eG Enterprise now has the capability to assign privileges to only a subset of commands. For example, a tier 1 support engineer shall be assigned with privileges to view-only commands, while the tier 2 support engineer may be assigned view-only commands and some application-specific scripts, but not the privilege to reboot the system or kill a process. 

Screenshot showing command assignments

Dependencies - eG v7.1.8

Interested? Reach out to to get this feature as an upgrade patch.