eG Agent upgrade can be pushed from the eG Manager.   The steps below would help you to upgrade the eG Agent

Copying Agent upgrade patch:


        Make sure the eG Manager is upgraded and, do the following:

  • Login to the eG Manager Server.
  • Download the  eG Agent patch from the appropriate version
  • To upgrade the eG agent from 631 to 637
  • The agent upgrade patch for each operating system will be available therein.
  • Download only the required Agent zip file based on the OS available in your infrastructure that we are monitoring
  • Copy the respective Agent zip files that you downloaded to the corresponding OS-specific folders that exist within the egurkha\manager\config\tests directory.

  • When the eG agents check the manager for the existence of upgrade patches, they will automatically download the patch files and install them.



 To Enable the auto upgrade for the eG agents on the Admin page:

  • If you wish to enable the agent upgrade for specific agents, log in to the eG manager Console then, select the Settings option from the Upgrade menu in the Agents tile under Admin Page

  • Select the agents for which the auto upgrading capability to be enabled and move it to the Auto Upgrade Enabled section. Enabling the Auto Upgrade will let the eG Agent take its own time (with24 hours) to check for the upgrade patch. 

To upgrade agents immediately:

If you prefer to upgrade the eG Agents immediately instead of waiting for the Auto upgrade. Then follow the below steps. (Note: you can enable the upgrade now only if the agent is enabled on Auto Upgrade)

  • Click on the Upgrade now tab page, and select the agents from Auto Upgradeable Agents to Agents To Upgrade Now
  • Only the agents that are currently running can receive the upgrade package from the manager.

To check the status of upgrade:

  • In Admin tile navigate to Agents>Upgrade>status will show you the agent Version and JDK versions. If you see the latest version then the agent is upgraded.

  • If you want to check update status of agent with version use filter option


Note:  After agent upgrade completes, ensure that the Auto Upgrade capability is disabled for all the eG agents. This needs to be done to ensure that the eG agents do not periodically check the manager for upgrade patches, thereby consuming considerable resources.