Download the eG CLI executables from the eG site and copy the executable to the eG Manager Server.

Installing eG CLI

  • Run the eGCLI.exe as an administrator
  • Accept the end user license agreement.
  • Choose the destination folder for installing eGCLI and finish the installation.


Configuring eG CLI

  • Open the command as administrator and move to <eGCLI_installed _dir>\bin directory
  • For creating a new manager ID, execute the command eGCLI AddAccount. You will get a pop windows to provide the eG manager information.

  • Enter the IP/Hostname of the eG manager,
  • Port at which the eG manager listens
  • eG manager console admin login credentials
  • Set SSL to No, (If eG Manager is SSL enabled then, set the flag to yes.
  • Provide a name for the Manager ID and click on Validate. Once the validation is successful, the eGCLI account will be created. This manager ID is required to run any eGCLI commands.
  • Then open the command prompt as administrator and move to <eGCLI_installed _dir>\bin to run any CLI commands.