Installing eG RAC 

  • Download the eG RAC executable using the below link and copy it to the eG Manager server. 



Password:    P3rf0rm@nc3

  • Run the executable as administrator. 

  • Say yes to End user license Agreement 

  • Select folder where setup will install files and click finish to complete the installation. 

Configuration the eG RAC. 

  • After the installtion, go to <<eG_RAC installed sirectory>>\eG_RAC 

  • Download the necessary eG Agent executable from eG site and save the executable on the respective folder base on the OS name.  


  • Start the eG RAC using the start menu as administrator 

  • On menu bar, select the tab Profile and click on Add/Change profile. 

  • Select Default and click on modify. 

  • Provide all the input information required for eG Agent instillation 
  • Install directory : C:\ 
  • HOst Name/IP Address : <<eG manager hostname/Ip>> 
  • USS SSL for communication with the eG Manager: uncheck (If eG manager is install with SSL, then agent has to be installation with SSL. Make check mark) 
  • Proxy: uncheck (if you have proxy server, make check mark and provide Proxy server information) 
  • Click on save. 

One the configuration is over, using the Refresh Network option to discover the server on you infrastructure.