Tutorial Video

Step-By-Step instructions

Before installing the eG Agent, make sure there is communication between the server, and the eG Manager using ping/telnet.

Installing the eG Agent 

Username:   total@eginnovations.com

Password:    P3rf0rm@nc3

  • Welcome Screen
  • End User License Agreement for the eG Products: Yes
  • Chose the folder in which you want to install the eG Agent (Example C drive)
  • The eG Agent can use HTTP or HTTP/SSL to communicate with the eG Manager. In order to use HTTP/SSL, please make sure that the eG Manager has been configured to support SSL. Do you want to the eG Agent to use SSL for communication with the eG Manager? No (If eG manager is installed with SSL, then agent has to be installation with SSL)
  • Please enter the following details

eG Manager IP/ Host Name : <<eG manager IP/Host name>>

eG Manager Port                 : <<port number>>


  • Please indicate if you want to use a Proxy server for the eG Agent communicate with the Manager? No (if you have proxy then say and provide Proxy server information)
  • Set up has enough information to start copying the program files. If you want to review or change any settings, click back. If you are satisfied with the settings, click next to begin copying files.
  • Would you like to assign a nick name(s) for this agent? No

eG Agent installation is now complete. eG Agent service would start automatically once the installation is completed.