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Search for user accounts

I use the search box at the top of the primary user interface all the time to look up user sessions for Citrix troubleshooting.


As a 3rd tier escalation contact, I get incidents escalated that a user has not successfully connect in the past 48 hours. (The default timeline search scope) The search then presents the following response during the occurrence:


Here is an example of the response when a user has connected in the past 48 hours.


I know I can change the default timeframe from 48 hours to something longer but it is my understanding that this changes it for the system and would impact all users.

I'd like to see an ability to have a "click here for details" style button to jump to additional user information even when a user has not connected in the 48 hours default timeframe. When this link is clicked from the 3rd picture shows a table of every connection for the user that is still in the detail database.

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